We share our know-how with our customers and provide services and consultancy support to reduce the costs and time required to gracefully establish the host of sub-systems needed for successful breath-testing through Analytical Quality by Design.
Our services and consultancy include:
• Quality Assurance with independent third-party cross validation of analytical wokflows and data pipelines;
• Study-design and governance;
• Quality control standards for blinded quantitative verification of breath analysis.
• Training and proficiency tests. We love sharing our knowledge and know how, and are highly experienced trainers. Training and testing is essential for smoothly running high productivity operations, and we can provide this on-site, blended, or remotely one-to-one or to whole teams. Proficiency testing though our laboratory or with your systems or with both assures funders, ethics boards and stakeholders that you “get breath” as well or better than our benchmarks.
• Data processing and data curation. Whether it be confirmatory, or whole campaign data processing services it is so important to recover all available information from every sample, and have independent and reliable verification of your processes.
• Breath biomarkers, our repositories and study data provide valuable reference and control benchmarks enabling cost-efficient leverage and enhancement to your research programme.
• Laboratory systems and operational design. From sample-storage, validation test atmospheres, internal standard doping and method optimisation our consultancy provides cost-effective and holistic approaches to breath-testing operations.

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