The promise of breath testing:

  • Non-invasive diagnosis and continuous monitoring: just breathe
  • Precision medicine: right treatment at the right time
  • Value-based healthcare: less waste, fewer hospital stays, healthier for longer

We are part of a healthcare revolution, and our goal is to enable everyone to access health checks that are non-invasive, fast, affordable, and convenient.

There is enormous potential in measuring the compounds in our breath and we are striving to unleash it.

We all know that our health-services have challenging targets to meet, especially with the needs of an ageing population and a complicated and challenging health economy.

Bioxhale, and breath-testing is part of the solution.

We are not alone. The World Economic Forum recognises clinical breath-testing citing it as No. 3 in their Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2021.

Bioxhale’s origins

Our origins start in 2013 with research and development discussions around respiratory disease and breath-testing, the conversations were fruitful.

Since then, we have collaborated to develop the clinical use case for breath tests.

We have:

  • tested breath in emergency departments, acute-care wards, in clinics, in ambulances, and in emergency crisis scenarios.
  • studied: standardisation, asthma, COPD, cancer, heart failure, COVID-19, pesticide poisoning, radiation exposure, and chlorine exposure.
  • developed breath-samplers, proficiency tests, panels of biomarkers, algorithms, software, work-flows and data pipe-lines.

and now set up Bioxhale, to deliver on the promises of breath testing.

We get breath


  • pushes the limits of what can be measured;
  • is super challenging requiring a multi-disciplinary approach; and,
  • it is all about people

We are founded in advanced clinical practice, analytical science, data analytics and diagnostics.

Our leadership team has a formidable world-class multidisciplinary team with extensive clinical, operational, commercial, scientific and leadership experience.

We know, from first hand and hard-won experience, what the patient, nurse, researcher, analyst, and investor need from their partner in breath diagnostics.

We know because:

  • it’s exactly what we needed, and then developed, throughout many working-decades across a diverse global research and clinical-treatment network.
  • we have developed, delivered, and shared quality-systems, analytical and sampling techniques, methods, workflows, and data pipelines across all aspects of breath testing.

our approaches and knowledge capital have been refined and tested across the world by multiple independent teams across a wide range of operational environments.

Let’s work together